Lets talk about the ending and the future

Many players have mentioned the unclear ending, and rightfully so. I will explain the games ending below.  

But first, I will let you know that it has now updated with a clear text explaining the reason for the ending. I also removed the “Play Again” button. Let’s hope this removed the confusion and frustration at least.

So why did the game end so fast? To be honest, this is my first game and I only started learning game development 6 month ago on my spare time. I have a full-time job as a Swedish lawyer (I know there is a joke here somewhere). This game was my playground for learning game dev tools and wasn’t meant to be a real game.

It was however mean to be a proof of concept of two things.

  • It is possible to create a beautiful yet scary atmospheric horror game. Horror games doesn’t need to look so generic as they often do.
  • The best horror, in my opinion, is when you become stressed, i.e., when you need to do complete a task that requires concentration, but you’re surrounded by stress and anxiety. The less guided you are and the more sandbox feel the game have, the better.

I have had an idea for a horror game, like no other, that focuses on these thinks and more for an awfully long time.

The games success, not financially as I have only made $3 but in its receiving by you guys, really surprised me as I didn’t think anyone would like my proof-of-concept game that is just 3 minutes long. I only uploaded the game as a learning experience for my self and to make it easier to share with my family.

The great response has really set fire to my motivation! Follow me on Itch so you don’t miss my big plans for the future. I just need some time to learn more stuff. 


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Jul 03, 2021


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You did really well my friend! The atmosphere and anxiety came across perfectly! Really look forward to seeing more from you after this!


Thank you! That makes me so happy. :D