Broccoli Forest


It all started with a great idea of a spooky fores, monochromatic in green.  I had just finished my first couple of unity tutorials and was ready to create my vision. 



My dreams was crushed!!! 

Luckily, I didn't give up. My short game is far from perfect but I at least finnished it. Now I can take on bigger challanges with bigger confidence!


WalkingHomeAlone.7z 412 MB
Jun 24, 2021


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Awesome game, and awesome use of color! In a future post, would you mind discussing how you implemented the green fog and lighting? The red lights don’t seem to work the way they do in most other games.

Thanks! I used the asset Aura 2 for the fog and lightning. Then I tinkered so much so I don't quite remember what I did but I have some aqua colored lights to lit up the forest but I believe the fog itself also emitts some aqua colors. 

I also adjusted the low, midtones and highs in post processing. I emphesised the hight while making the low and midtones darker. 

Maybe I write a better post later on but I hope this at least gives you some pointers. 👍😃